ISTQB and AST – Which one should you go for?

The debate on Testing certifications is still going on.. Below are some differences and my experiences on ISTQB Foundations certification and AST’s BBST Foundations course:


ISTQB Foundations AST’s BBST Foundations
Focus Indirectly forces candidates to mug up/memorize the book Directly forces the students to think, learn, understand and apply.There is no other option left for students.
Cost $100 Free, but it has $40 membership fee.
Exam pattern 40 Objective questions. Approx 2 assignments in every week includes objective and subjective questions.
Exam Duration 90 min exam duration + Time for exam preparation which depends upon person to person.
Also in market, exam dumps are available which significantly reduces the exam preparation duration
4 weeks [Approx 2 exams every week which includes reviews and other assignments]
Instructors Availability Instructors are available and charge many $$$. Instructors are available for help in the classes/forums. Also they are available via Skype or any other messenger.
Even if you are not an AST member, I believe they will still help you.
Passing Criteria Out of 40 questions, 26 questions should be right. Even if you fail in the exams, instructors offers you to review exam of others and give review comments. If you understand the questions concept and review well, then you will pass the course.
Others None In BBST, instructors are always available to tell what you do well, what you not do well, where improvements are required.


My Personal opinion – If you want to enhance your skills in testing, then you should go for AST’s BBST Foundations. Investment in BBST is much better than spending money in ISTQB.

Note – I am an ISEB ISTQB Foundations Ceritified tester too. I am not against ISTQB because I know why one should go for ISTQB certification.


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